Concrete repair


Before professional repair design, it is necessary detail inspection of the construction (site investigation and meetings with the personnel).
The inspection is based on detail visual inspection, the result being so called “cracks and joints map”.

The stages of cracks repair/treatment are the following:

Cleaning of the cracks – old concrete removing; the crack and wall are washed with water jet. If there are holes through which water flows, they are sealed using mastic / fast repair mortar (curing time 1 minute).

Holes are drilled on both sides of the crack at distances of 25-30 cm at an angle to the wall, so the drill reaches / intersects the crack. Packers are mounted in the holes (valve pipes – which connects the injection pump), polyurethane resin is injected at pressures of 40-100 bar into the crack.

After injection, the crack is treated with repair mortar; a leak test is performed; if leakage is observed after the test, repeat the above mentioned operations locally.

– Finally, the surface is treated as indicated by the designer.

Concrete repair

Our goal is to provide customers with the best professional solutions, using the latest technology and materials.

Repair of concrete buildings is a vast field. The term “repair” usually means removing and replacing worn or damaged parts of the construction and creation of a protective element, intended to extend the life of the building.

After the repair, is recommended to apply a protective material for concrete.

The layer itself creates a coating for the concrete construction, which, in addition of its protective qualities, limits water absorption, ensures the spread of water vapors (SdH2O <2 m), limits the CO2 penetration (SdCO2> 50 m). At this stage, the solution can be fully tailored to your requirements.

Before executing coatings on concrete constructions, we always recommend an expert’s advice. Layers on concrete constructions may raise many obstacles. The consultant can advice and together you can find the ideal solution for such problems. Thus, each building requires an individual approach; we can prepare specific technological solutions, that will include recommendations for materials, combinations of materials, application conditions, etc.

Reparatii crapaturi in beton

Reparatii crapaturi in beton

Reparatii crapaturi in beton

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