Damp control

Surface treatment is to create a barrier against moisture migration in the masonry. As work technology, the following should be taken into account:

  • The areas to be injected are specified wet areas;
  • The holes will be drilled at an angle of 25-30 degrees, according to the drawing;
  • The spaces between the holes may be about 15 cm, while the space between the two horizontal rows is approx. 20 cm .;
  • Second row will be offset as hole location, according to the first image;
  • The injection devices are inserted into the holes;
  • The reaction time of the reaction resin is adjusted;
  • The injection is started using the special pump, from the first injector on the first row, at the bottom;
  • Packers are removed after resin curing, the resin is removed with a drill;
  • The holes are filled with a fast mortar.

SchemaThese recommendations are only some of the professional solutions that we can offer for damp control. Each project is unique and each situation requires a customized approach. We can take your requirements and offer professional help contact us and you will receive expert advice.

Combaterea igrasiei

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